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Bobo Dioulasso (aka Mango Kingdom). 10th April 2014. Mango sellers leave their products by the streets over night, at the roadside market. There is no security guard at post. There has never been need for one. #BurkinaFaso #Africa Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy (Copyright: 2014).


Bobo Dioulasso (aka Mango Kingdom). 10th April 2014. Mango sellers leave their products by the streets over night, at the roadside market. There is no security guard at post. There has never been need for one. #BurkinaFaso #Africa Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy (Copyright: 2014).

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This kind of living

I am going to miss the simplicity of being in a village setting. Of being with a people who care more of the times they spend greeting and visiting each other than the amount of time they take up doing them. Time means very little here, an ingredient in life which the people here take so lightly. All you have is time they would try to explain to me.
They, unlike we Americans do not forget to look at the flowers than bloom beside them. Everything is always going to work out or be fine and no one worries more than they should, or at all. There are few bills to worry about and always a way of paying the few bills they have without disturbing their relationships. Everything is done in small qualities and gestures so no one can forget the humility and generosity that journeys with such thoughtfulness. I only hope I am not the outsider when I return home with a little bit of this kind of living-just a little bit :)

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butthurt white people

I love how they rlly hate to see someone doing better than them & then put it off on race like if a white dude had the same achievements no one would be doing anything but sucking his dick and patting him on the back like this is some top tier hater shit & it’s so funny

White people love to bring up affirmative action as if their entire lives aren’t a fucking breeze

They’re acting like this kid didn’t put in work to get where he is though. They literally think it was handed to him because he’s black???? Yeah that’s definitely how America works

they’re so mad

I’m thrown off by the Asian hatin

When white people get upset about affirmative action, conveniently forgetting why it needed to be implemented to begin with. Oy vey.

Did you read The Washington Post article about this?

Fucking disgusting.

Another reason why respectability politcis is bullshit…because all that bullshit white liberals and white conservatives love spew about “If everyone just worked hard, and stopped complaining blah blah” and we we do “Oh you just got it because you’re black.”…..take note followers. This is why respectability politics don’t work it doesn’t matter how hard to play their game, you are black and as long as you’re black you’re never gonna sit at their table period. Also check how quick white folks went to the good minority shit with Asians, and look how quick the anti-black racism came out with the “I’m asian and I didn’t get half of what this black kid got.”……they are so hurt, to see a black kid shining.

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It’s a girl! Two ladies lay with their babies next to them while one lady mourns her dead baby in silence. She is left alone,not a single person by her side to console her.They all flock to the ones who made it, leaving her in remembrance of her loss by their admirable and joyful words to the others. To finish this bitter taste in her mouth are the cries of the babies all through the night. What a cold long night it will be.

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My selfishness

In my selfishness and desire to also feel special I ignored the hardships of others, the sacrifices they would be forced to make just to make me happy and remind me that I, am also special, with or without things,in any form, state or quantity, to prove it. I may very well never be the one who wins the gold or silver… or bronze. I may very much be the one who everyone keeps forgetting to say hello to or invite. I am the one who no one seems think once about. But one thing I know, one thing that comforts me is that if I die tomorrow or if the world ends tonight, I will be remembered one way or another. I will leave this world happy knowing that my mark was made and my name will eventually be remembered. And that this world still has hope toward self-restoration if we all decide to and leave our selfishness where it belongs-underneath us. That people across the nations yearn for love in different languages special to the understanding of each one of us, and time is running out for them, for us and they are not being heard. That our hurriedness to get from place to place is never as important as the smile you give to a person along the way; not as precious as the hand you offer before it got too late. Till this day passes me, with or without my permission, I will keep scraping my name into the hard bark of the tree called existence and purpose, leaving behind clots of my blood as evidence. Because I came, I spoke, I stood, I tried, I lived and that should be enough…right?

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she left with no word, not even a note 

picked up the phone that day and after it was silence

silence chased after denial

denial pampered a nervous chuckle

and the nervous chuckled quickly turned to  

a waterfall 

that was the last thing I remember that day

the trip to say good bye

the final goodbye and the return home without you

this remains my closure

at least you were happy when you left

at least we spoke

at least you closed your eyes knowing 

you made a difference

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